Give the best gift of all.

by Robert on December 9, 2009

The LGNAAA Newsletter, featuring
the best in fitness and success tips.

Give the best gift of all, the gift of health. Whether you do it
for yourself or someone you love, I’d like to help you make
the giving easier by giving something to you.

Here’s a short video to tell you about my special gift to you.

I want to see you not only succeed, but get through the
holidays feeling and looking great. And to help you on your
way, I’m repeating the one day special I did just before

But this special give away is even better than the one I ran
before Thanksgiving. In that one, I gave two thirty
minute phone consultations with me personally, to the first
thirty people who picked up the LGNAAA system on
November 24th.

This time, EVERYBODY who picks up the system today,
Monday, 12/14 gets the two free consultations, as long as
you’re in before midnight Pacific time.

I know, I might end up stretching myself really thin to
accommodate everybody, but like I said, life is good here,
and I want to help as many people as possible.

I want to see you not only succeed, but get through the
holidays feeling and looking great. So once again. I’m
giving you my time and knowledge, which is the greatest
gift I can offer you.

If you didn’t get there early enough the first time, don’t be
left out again this time. Go there NOW and give the greatest
gift of all, the gift of health. Do it for yourself or someone
you love. Here’s the web link:

I look forward to working with you personally to help you
get into the best shape of your life.

Make it a great day.

Robert Martin

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medical advice. Always consult a physician before
beginning or changing any fitness program. Any use of the
techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this document is at the
reader’s sole discretion and risk.

This newsletter is protected by copyright, 2009, Robert
Martin. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any portion of
this newsletter is strictly prohibited without the express
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